Tips For Car Body Care

Tips For Car Body CareThere’s no doubt that every vehicle depreciates in value with time. If you have been planning to sell the car in a few years and want to get a good deal, then you should not bring down the value of your vehicle by not taking care of its appearance. A vehicle which has not been maintained properly will hardly get any buyers.

The bait for coaxing the buyer is how the car looks from inside and outside. Maintaining your car and keeping it in the best possible condition is surely important not to ensure just the longevity of the vehicle, but also to improve its sale-ability. And of course, who doesn’t like to drive a nice looking car!

Here’s a list of things you need to look after to ensure your car stays in pristine condition.

Car Wash

At least once or twice a month you need to wash your car properly. By doing that you can ensure that dirt is removed from the surface of the body & under the chassis and keeps it completely clean. Staining and rusting might occur if you fail to remove it on time. You need to keep in your mind that even heavy rains don’t remove the contaminants off the car. It’s better if pressure hose is used to wash the vehicle.

Car Waxing

By using car wax, you can ensure that a layer of protection is created which protects the car from harsh external elements such as rain, dead bugs, and bird droppings and avoids corrosion or rusting. The contaminants get stuck in the wax can be easily washed from the car. The breakdown of the molecular structure of paint can also be prevented with the help of car wax as it stops harsh exposure to UV rays and oxygen.


When iron is exposed for a long period of time to moisture & oxygen then rusting occurs. Due to salt in the air, especially in coastal areas a car’s under body can rust faster. During heavy rains and while driving through puddles your car’s under body comes into contact with water. The best care for this problem can only be taken by professional and expert mechanics at a renowned auto repair Chicago based shop.

Dents And Scratches Repairing

If you don’t have any dents or scratches on your car, then there’s no problem in considering yourself as lucky. Not many can boast of this miracle because no matter how much you try to protect your vehicle, it will get some scratches or dents here and there. If you have dents and scratches on it and if the paint is peeled off during the impact then the car’s body is susceptible to rusting. It’s recommended that you should visit a renowned auto repair Chicago based center to get dents and scratches fixed.

How Do Tyre Manufacturers Demonstrate Quality

How Do Tyre Manufacturers Demonstrate QualityWhen it comes about tyres, you know that you have to buy the best that suits your car and within your budget. Do you have anything to do with tyre manufacturers? Actually, maybe you don’t have anything directly to do, but if you know the ways that the tyre manufacturers test their quality that won’t hurt you at all, right?

Aspects of Tyre Testing

Whenever the manufacturers launch any new tyre in market, they do so after testing the performances. But, how do they judge the performance of new tyres? Actually, there are three crucial aspects of the modified EU tyre labeling laws which the retailers and tyre manufacturers must mention on the labels of their new launched tyres. These are the common standards set by the EU and each and every manufacturer is responsible to test their tyres according to these standards. Every country should check out whether the tyre production houses are maintaining the law or not. Those aspects are:

Rolling Resistance-

  • It is the technical term of fuel economy.
  • The efficiency of fuel consumption depends on this.
  • The minimum rolling resistance denotes fuel efficiency of your tyres.
  • To explain it more, you can say that, rolling resistance is the energy that is required by the tyres at covering the distance of your travelling.
  • There is a device to measure this when driving the car at 50mph which is similar to 80% of that tyre’s load index.
  • If the tyres perform wonderfully in this test, you’ll require less fuel, inevitably.

Wet Braking-

  • From the safety angle, this is the most important aspect of all three.
  • This is the measurement which tells how much time your car will take to stop on wet roads than normal road conditions.
  • Usually, this is a test that is mostly required for trucks.
  • The European legislation has specified everything including the temperature, condition of roads, speed and water depth.
  • For a standardized result, each tyre is tested along with a standard tyre which they have already tested and graded.

External Noise Level-

  • Another important aspect to test about the tyres.
  • The noise level may not disturb you, but you can’t disturb the other road users and environment by irritating noise whenever you drive your car.
  • The testing of external noise level is the easiest of all.
  • Here, you just need to drive the car on track where microphones are set already. Here, also the temperature, speed and track are standardized.
  • The noise level is measured in decibels.

Now, these are only the basics of testing your tyres.

Tips to Choose the Best Performance Exhaust Systems

Tips to Choose the Best Performance Exhaust SystemsAre you looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle? Do you want your car to roar on the road? If you have answered yes to these two questions, you need to purchase performance exhaust system for your vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle, the exhaust system installed is of low velocity and it is quiet. This is to ensure that it meets the requirement of the mainstream customer. Thus, if you are one of those who want to provide their vehicle the sleek look, high performance and a throaty sound, you need to replace the existing exhaust system with a powerful one that you can easily find in the market.
If you choose to replace the exhaust system, it will not only improve the performance of the vehicle, it will also make your car attractive and eye catching. No matter what type of car you might be driving, you can be sure to find an appropriate exhaust system for your car on the internet. If you are looking to purchase the exhaust system for the first time, it can be a daunting task to find a powerful one and that too within your budget. For exotic cars like the range rover exhaust upgrade, you might have to do a little more research.
Here are some tips to help you make the process of finding an exhaust system much easier –

  • Pick an exhaust system that has a large exhaust pipe. Pipes those are larger in diameter will help in releasing the toxic gases very easily and effectively. This allows for the less pressure to be put on the engine resulting in higher horsepower.
  • Before purchasing an exhaust system, make sure to check the exhaust tubing. You should picking one that has crush bent. Pick the one that has the same diameter all over the system as there will not be any restrictions for the gases to pass through it.
  • Another important feature that you should check is the bore tubing. It should be the one that fits well with the engine requirements of your vehicle. This is an essential feature as the wrong size of bore pipe can affect the performance of your vehicle.
  • Pick an exhaust system made of stainless steel. It will last much longer and need less maintenance compared exhaust system made of other metals.

You can easily use these tips to help you find the best exhaust system that offers the finest performance. These performance exhaust systems are pretty easy to install if you have little technical knowledge about cars. If you do not, it is best to meet with a professional to help to do it for you. Once the installation is completed, you will witness a wonderful roaring sound on the road and enhanced performance of your vehicle. It will also help your vehicle stand out on the road.

Tips For Repairing and Restoring An Old Car

Tips For Repairing & Restoring An Old CarFor many people car restoration is a way of life and not just a hobby. Have you recently bought a car and no experience on to deal with its restoration? Then first step towards repairing it up can prove to be a daunting task.

Here are a few tips that can help you in repairing and restoration of your car.

Tip # 1 – Repairing & Restoring A Car Is Quite Similar To Building A House. That’s how it should be done and it’s more logical. Nobody builds the roof before the foundation. The first thing to do in any restoration is to figure out what has to be done exactly, and then make a whole list of the restoration project to stay away from missing something which is important, or can damage a refurbished bodyline or fresh paint job.

After you have finished with an overview, put things in order and execute it into a plan. Considering the repairs you are planning to make, it’s a good idea to work in this order: engine, transmission, suspension, electrical, interior, body and then the wheels.

Tip #2 – No matter how tough your old car has been made, it will show its downsides with time, especially on the freeway. If there’s a need of stripping the car down to the undercarriage, then you should sound-proof the car with insulating foam, spray undercoating or reflective insulating covers. If you want to minimize noise coming from metal air ducts or fender voids, then a highly effective way is to do an undercoating which helps to reduce vibration through sheet metal.

Tip #3 – There are various grades of steel wool meant for a wide range of uses. It can be utilized for different types of auto parts and car accessories, such as glass, chrome, stainless steel and other materials, without any cases of surface scratching. To brighten stainless to a high luster, you can use it with chrome polish.

Tip #4 – Putting tape while painting protects trim and windows, but increase the chances of tearing off a freshly painted surface if tape is not used properly. You can use a hair dryer, which is a simple yet effective way to get standard tape off without ruining the finishing of the car paint. As you peel the tape from the car, gently heat it by using a hair dryer.

Tip #5 – While gluing vinyl or leather material onto seats or panels, blots of contact can appear on the material. Wrap a little bundle of vinyl or aluminum duct tape around your fingers, and ensure that the adhesive side stays out. The glue will come right up, when you’ll pat the glue spots with tape. This technique will help you to get success in nearly impossible tasks.