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Biology Practice Exam Resources The AP Exam is about three hours-long and contains two sections. Area 1 is Grid and Multiplechoice -in Segment 2 and questions is Free-Response Inquiries. Each part is worth 50% of the final quiz quality. Segment 1 lasts 30-minutes and 1-hour and possesses 63 multiplechoice questions and 6 grid -in questions. Area 2 continues 1-hour and 30-minutes (which includes a 10-minute reading time), and possesses 8 questions composed of 2 long free-result questions and 6 short free-reply questions. You will find examples of both multiplechoice (pages 128-163) and free response queries (pages 164-168) within the AP Biology Course and Quiz Explanation, which is often present in the blue, Test Assets inlay to the right. You can also use the response issues that are free below while you plan the AP Quiz. Free Response Questions and Scoring Guidelines 2013 All papers are PDFs unless otherwise advised.

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Free Response Queries and Scoring Tips: login These sources support the leftover available Free-Response Queries and Score Guidelines for that AP Biology Assessment. You should sign into your University Board bill, to get into the files under. If you do not need a School Board consideration, you’ll be able to create one by picking & #8217; inside the header & #8216;Sign In and following the requests to Sign Up. 2016 All papers are PDFs unless otherwise indicated.