How Do Tyre Manufacturers Demonstrate Quality

How Do Tyre Manufacturers Demonstrate QualityWhen it comes about tyres, you know that you have to buy the best that suits your car and within your budget. Do you have anything to do with tyre manufacturers? Actually, maybe you don’t have anything directly to do, but if you know the ways that the tyre manufacturers test their quality that won’t hurt you at all, right?

Aspects of Tyre Testing

Whenever the manufacturers launch any new tyre in market, they do so after testing the performances. But, how do they judge the performance of new tyres? Actually, there are three crucial aspects of the modified EU tyre labeling laws which the retailers and tyre manufacturers must mention on the labels of their new launched tyres. These are the common standards set by the EU and each and every manufacturer is responsible to test their tyres according to these standards. Every country should check out whether the tyre production houses are maintaining the law or not. Those aspects are:

Rolling Resistance-

  • It is the technical term of fuel economy.
  • The efficiency of fuel consumption depends on this.
  • The minimum rolling resistance denotes fuel efficiency of your tyres.
  • To explain it more, you can say that, rolling resistance is the energy that is required by the tyres at covering the distance of your travelling.
  • There is a device to measure this when driving the car at 50mph which is similar to 80% of that tyre’s load index.
  • If the tyres perform wonderfully in this test, you’ll require less fuel, inevitably.

Wet Braking-

  • From the safety angle, this is the most important aspect of all three.
  • This is the measurement which tells how much time your car will take to stop on wet roads than normal road conditions.
  • Usually, this is a test that is mostly required for trucks.
  • The European legislation has specified everything including the temperature, condition of roads, speed and water depth.
  • For a standardized result, each tyre is tested along with a standard tyre which they have already tested and graded.

External Noise Level-

  • Another important aspect to test about the tyres.
  • The noise level may not disturb you, but you can’t disturb the other road users and environment by irritating noise whenever you drive your car.
  • The testing of external noise level is the easiest of all.
  • Here, you just need to drive the car on track where microphones are set already. Here, also the temperature, speed and track are standardized.
  • The noise level is measured in decibels.

Now, these are only the basics of testing your tyres.